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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spring Cleaning in the Fall

(For a summary of what happened, my backstory, you can read this post located right here.)
I think tomorrow will be a year since I let my WoW account expire. The billing date is usually around the 14th-16th of each month. I remember the first month was hard. I didn't want to go back, though.

If you read the post I just linked, a few things have changed. I told my friend who got me the game, we'll call her L, about my problem. I was self concious about destroying my copy of the game since it was a gift from her. She told me to go on and destroy it how I like if it'll help.

Though I've quit, she offered to share her account with me last week. I took up the offer as a test. I took the test, and now I cant stand WoW anymore. The game is a hollow shell- many free MMORPGs have the same exact formula (if anything, you're paying for server stability). The quests are a rehash of the same engine, and there's no point to it. The aspect that kept me hooked, the roleplay on the roleplay servers, was now empty and lifeless. I felt my creative energy going to waste, not to sound conceited. Today, I'm disenchanting (the act of destroying good quality equipment and turning it into essences to enhance equipment and weapons with) my character's goods and vending/auctioning off what I can. I will send the gold to my friend's main before deleting the character.

I told my friend(who we'll call K throughout this, for lack of a better word, journey) the one who I allowed know my identity on the server (being popular got me addicted, too. It was something I was not in real life. He told me I was being dramatic in my actions. "Just stop playing. You may want to play again!" Oh hell no. I'm going spring cleaning on this joint.

I still have yet to determine how I'll destroy the CDs. I was considering flinging them off the dam, but the river is polluted enough. Still, dropping them off a bridge seems appealing to me. Burning is also an option I'm going to keep in mind. Smashing them is the most easily acessible type of destruction, but it may not be the most reliving to me. I'll start by burning one and see how that goes.


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