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Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't Smash It, You Might Want to Play Again

I just got back from smashing my WoW CDs using river rocks and throwing them off the dam. As I drove down the road home, my head suddenly felt so much clearer. Before that, I disenchanted everything on my character I made on my friends account and sold them for dirt cheap.

My friend who I mentioned in a latter post, K, had this dialogue with me as I was disenchanting:
[13:15] Me: I'm about to DE all my shit
[13:15] Me: I cant do this anymore
[13:15] K: lol why?
[13:15] K: =\ Don't go all emo about it. Just put it down and don't play
[13:17] Me: I'm not being emo :P
[13:17] Me: Seriously, I'm not
[13:17] Me: I just
[13:17] Me: I have an urge to do it
[13:17] K: I know. Just don't DE your shit =\ not like it matters or anything, but.
[13:17] K: You may want to play again or something.
[13:17] K: >_> we all get those urges
[13:18] Me: But I plan on uninstalling it and throwing it off the dam
[13:18] Me: or burning it. I really shouldnt pollute that poor river more than it already is.
[13:18] K: Ah.
[13:18] K: Lewl
[13:18] Me: It's just a bad reminder

Some people don't realize that's the entire point. After reading my writeup about what happened with me and sympathizing (he quit a job to raid with the biggest raid group on the server and would likely not repeat that again), he says that. But what do I expect from someone who plays through most console games in a day? He's a power gamer. Not a catass, mind you, but power gamer, still.

Back on topic: I feel very relived now, doing that. I felt akward talking about the idea of smashing up my WoW CDs, but I know how those kind of rituals can really help. My room, where I kept my WoW box and CDs, feels very clean now.

Will I relapse and download the game or buy it? No. Here's why:
  1. Art school is exspensive! With fall quarter coming up, I need to buy more bristol and maybe some marker paper. That's almost $30 right there. Plus books for the new quarter or even programs I may have to get can run well into the hundreds.
  2. Gas money. My commute is long. That $15 can get me 3/4ths of a tank.
  3. Clothes. The weather is getting cooler and I'm long overdue for a few new outfits.
  4. I want to play Phantasy Star Universe. Phantasy Star Online, the first version of the Online Phantasy Star games was quite casual. I played Blue Burst for a few months and it was a nice game to play after 12 hours on campus. Play 2 hours, and you'll definetly get to see more of the game. Whereas a game like WoW, you may spend that long getting somewhere, completing one quest, and running back to turn it in. PSU is very casual and busy gamer friendly. While I'm in no hurry to get it since it's just novelty, I'd rather spend my money on it than WoW.
So I couldn't if I wanted to unless I wanted to mess up my budgetting.


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