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Friday, October 06, 2006


This is insane.
I'm on the 1MBPS connection (as opposed to 56k at the other house) and can't game because of this fast. What do you do on high speed if you can't game? Download things? Watch YouTube? I can't go out because my car is in the shop until Sunday, and my friends are an hour away. All there is is TV, but it's TV. It's too dark to go walking... I can't write or draw, I'm too tired and need something mindless to do.

This is insane. It's like being inside of an amusement park, but you can't ride anything.

It hurts badly. My head hurts badly. My stress from the work week keeps piling on. Every urge I get, I push it down and push it down. It never gets resolved, only festers. Last week, my period barely lasted 2 days (It's normally 3-4) and my mood through the entire period was horrible (my mood swings dissappear as it starts). I am starting to think this withdrawl is doing worse to me than i t should.


  • At 2:26 AM, Blogger Massive Duck said…

    I hope this doesn't come out sounding fake, because it truely isn't. This blog really helped me stop from picking up the habit again. As you may know there was an episode of south park recently that depected WoW in a negitive life stealing way, even with that message i really wanted to play it again. Fourtunatly i do not have the disk, But I know that the week when buring crusades come out is going to be a very hard week. So thank you for telling your story, becasue just like AA you need the support of others to help reminde you why you quit in the first place, and you really helped me there.

    If you have any need to contact me, i don't know why, but my email is

    Thank you.
    Skyler Loomis

  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger Ruya said…

    I'm glad to have helped. I haven't made many posts but I will make another after I visit the psychiatrist on the 21st. I hope my experiences and the links I left on this blog can keep helping you!


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