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Monday, January 22, 2007

Appointment & Burning Crusade

It's been a long while since I posted. I went to the therapist's not long after my last post. I got diagnosed with anxiety and was offered to come back for an update and if I felt I needed medication. I haven't gone back, not because I thought I needed medication (I've been taking St. John's Wort and Gingko Bilboa regularly and it helps IMMENSELY) but because I haven't had the extra cash to do so.

While in class, I wonder would it be worth going back. The therapist was a good listener. But the things she told me to go do were things I had been telling myself to do for months: draw more, go back to the gym, hang out with friends more. I'm not self-diagnosing myself, but she didn't tell me anything diffrent and then asked me if I felt I needed medicine, so I didn't feel compelled to set asid money to try and go back. Since this post, I started doing yoga, hung out with friends so much over christmas break, I ended up sleeping 12 hours one day,and drawing when I when I can, considering I already draw a lot for my major.

I've been drawing out themes for my website (which is currently disclosed from this community as I want to remain anonymous) because I feel a strong calling twoards web development and design. I've also been remodeling my room a lot. I consolidated my closet and it's embarassing to say this, but organizing my room is fun. It's still junky, but I can actually find things again. Sort of.

I guess I should talk about Burning Crusade since it's been out. I actually recived an IM from an old WoW player who was popular on the server for not being very bright. I had told her, months prior, I'd quit, uninstalled, trashed the game. She comes up to ask if I got BC. I laugh. She says it seems I've started hating WoW more ever since I quit. I told her it's like stepping back from something you love at first sight. You don't realize it's flaws once you're away from it. It's not that I hate WoW, it's just that, when you strip it down to it's bare bones, it's no diffrent from a lot of games of it's kind. And there's NO SKILL involved for anything; you are rewarded for time. It's only good if you're in good company as it is a buffed-up chatroom. Or rather, I don't think people stay logged in as long if they're soloing. There's a LOT of games like this; it's the trend now.

I hear BC is good. I also hear of a few new mmos being released. I'll feel tempted to play them, then read what they have, and it comes out as the same old "pick a race, kill and level to kill and level some more" pattern.

I think I'll go play Sims 2...

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