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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cheat like me!

If you're really hardcore into an MMO and say you're gonna leave once you get x epic item, why not try high rate free servers and get it, say, in an hour?

Do you feel that it is wrong and going against the original publisher's intentions? Do you feel it's "unfair" so you want to do it "the honest way" like those on the official servers to get your legendary? Do you want to work hard so you can truly bask in your achievement?

Bad keyword here: WORK. You do not play games to do more work, remember that.

This is what I did with WoW; playing on free servers really, really, really opened my eyes. It wasn't the final boot, but it was shove forward when I spent under 2 hours hitting 60 and was decked out in purples. It looked nice, but, once I had it all, I couldn't imagine grinding for it on the official servers. Since I'd experienced it elsewhere, I didn't give a damn about spending all those hours just to look uber in a game.

What's the advantage of getting it on the official servers?
  • People who you've gamed with get to share in your acheivement and compliment your hard work.
  • People on the server admire you for having all this awesome gear and being so powerful because of your skills (read: time) obtaining these peices!
  • You're now one of the upper crust, the best of the server.
These do sound quite nice, because you did it on the official server. You did it the right way. You did it the honest way. So now, let's imagine you worked hard for all this cool gear and you have a friend who just started on a free server and got this SAME GEAR in the same night they started. It's probably funny to you; you think "psh, that doesn't count. At least I did it THE REAL HARD-EARNED WAY."

But you have the same exact gear in the same game. What does it matter? The only difference it makes is the other people, the HONEST (because the difference between honesty and dishonesty to Blizzard is $15 a month) players will be praising you (til the next patch comes to nullify your gear's glory). So you feel really great about all this gear... that you spent all that time getting. The same gear your friend took less than an hour to get.

Playing on free servers with high rates (XP rates, drop rates) pretty much brings all the content in the game up to the surface. Most free servers keep up with the latest patches, too. A few now support Burning Crusade as well. With the slow grind out of the way, you see all that the game has to offer. If you're itching to see 50,000g, all purples on your paper-doll, and probably have every epic mount in the game (yeah, they violate "official mechanics," too. :) My night elf rogue had an epic forsaken mount AND a kodo!) then you can do it all in less than a few nights with these.

They're quite easy to search for. I'll link to the one I used for World of Warcraft here. You'll want to aim for ones labeled "high", "very high" or, my favorite, "funserver." Here's a toplist of private servers.

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